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Our goal is simple. To make our students the best players they can be.

Here are some kind words from some of them, past and present.

"Having worked with Donie for over a year now I can honestly say that the level teaching is at a very, very high standard. The lessons are individualised and really opened my mind to elements of music I didn't think I would ever  understand never mind be able to talk about and include in my own guitar playing! I worked with Donal both on Acoustic guitar grades and teaching diplomas. Donie's knowledge at this level is incredible and he really gets you prepped for those exam days. Having worked with plenty of excellent guitar teachers I can confidently say that Donie stands out for his knowledge, his care in preparing lessons and calm and relaxed teaching style." Josh

"Donal has been teaching my two boys (ages 10 and 11) acoustic guitar for nearly two years through a combination of online and in-person lessons. In that time the boys have progressed through their Grade exams with distinctions, and their success can be attributed to Donal’s teaching. The combination of his patience and kind-heartedness along with the structured approach he takes to learning and exam prep has been reflected in not only the boys results, but also their willingness to practice and continue learning. Donal has tailored the material and his teaching approach to each of the boys individual personalities, and he has helped both of them to be the best that each of them can be." Graham

"I can't recommend Donie enough. Our son has been learning electric guitar with Donie for over 2 years now. He has made huge strides in his playing in that time and has also passed numerous exams under Donie's watch. Furthermore Donie is a really nice person who and makes the lessons fun and enjoyable. Needless to say our son looks forward to their weekly lessons. I would highly recommend Donie if you are thinking of enrolling for lessons, he blends learning and fun all in one." Suzy

"Before I started lessons with Donie, I was what would be considered a campfire guitarist. I could play some open chords and had a nonexistent knowledge of theory, scales, arpeggios etc. In just over a year of going to him for lessons, I've transformed my playing. Not only can I play scales/chord extensions but I understand how they are constructed. My guitar playing has improved dramatically to levels I thought were out of reach for a long time, not only that but I understand a large section of theory. Donie is patient and knowledgeable, he knows exactly what techniques and skills are used for music you want to learn, but he also knows what skills to teach so that you progress, and progress fast. He is understanding and encouraging every step of the way. Areas of guitar that I thought would be impossible to learn becomes broken down into simple lessons and strategies. Starting guitar lessons with Donie has been the best investment into music I've ever made." Reece

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