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About Us

Welcome to Donie's Awesome Guitar School

Our goal is simple. To make our students the best players they can be.

Our Story

Having spent ten years in the corporate sector, Donie realised he need to finally make the change in to something he really loved and was passionate about. He took the opportunity to build on the years of playing and the guitar grades he had already achieved and added several diplomas to his list of qualifications, culminating in a performance diplomas from both the London College of Music and Rockschool, and a Licentiate in Music Education from the London College of Music (the highest level of teaching diploma available at the LCM).

Since opening our school near Tallaght village we have been lucky enough to have students of all ages, from primary school all the way to retirees, and all standards from total beginner to diploma level. We have exam students in both electric and acoustic guitar, and cater for all styles from folk to metal.

We believe learning music should be fun, and are committed to providing a relaxed and supportive environment in which the focus is on understanding as a route to proficiency in the instrument.

LEO - Donal McAuley (1 of 18) - Photo- Ben Ryan.jpg
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